AI Observatory

The Observatory for Artificial Intelligence in Work and Society

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) covers numerous applications whose common characteristic – unlike other familiar technologies – is their ability to perform the type of cognitive tasks previously reserved for humans. This brings humans and machines closer together.

The opportunities presented by the enormous potential of AI as a key technology, especially in combination with other technologies such as robotics, bio- and neuro-technologies or quantum computing, also raise new questions that require not only technological but also social and political answers. After all, the benchmark for successful development and application of artificial intelligence is how it benefits people and society.

Through its work, the Observatory for Artificial Intelligence in Work and Society wants to contribute to the sustainable and responsible development of artificial intelligence. To this end, it is focusing its projects on:

  • monitoring, analysing and understanding the impacts of artificial intelligence
  • the development and use of AI based on a human-centric approach that is oriented towards the common good
  • developing positive target visions and scenarios for the application of AI and contributing to their implementation.
  • building scientific and structural foundations for a comprehensive and effective regulatory framework for the use of AI
  • initiating dialogue around the development and application of artificial intelligence thereby opening up societal access to artificial intelligence

To achieve these goals, the AI Observatory is tasked with initiating, supporting, overseeing and analysing studies and research projects from which it can develop indicators, scenarios, recommendations and best practices for the responsible use of artificial intelligence. Integrated into an extensive network of experts from science, business, trade unions, associations and stakeholders from civil society, the AI Observatory organises workshops, labs and collaborative formats to examine the opportunities, challenges and framework conditions for the responsible development and application of artificial intelligence. The AI Observatory, as part of the Policy Lab Digital Work and Society, sees itself in this context as a catalyst, advocate, moderator and enabler for the human-centric use of artificial intelligence that is oriented towards the common good.