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    Working with artificial intelligence – workshop series kicks off with a discussion among experts

    Published on 21 Aug 2020

    How do we create a social and human-centric relationship between people and AI in the workplace? A kick-off discussion with experts marks the beginning of a series of events devoted to working with artificial intelligence.

    Humans and machines working side by side: this will increasingly become the norm over the next few years and is set to permanently change the working world. However, it requires trust, transparency and common rules.

    How can we establish an appropriate human-machine relationship in a world in which people are increasingly working with artificial intelligence? In a discussion entitled “Working with artificial intelligence – challenges and opportunities for shaping socio-technical systems”, the Observatory for Artificial Intelligence in Work and Society aims to make a contribution to the development of human-centric AI. The series kicked off on 20 August 2020 with an online event organised by the Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT).

    The kick-off discussion and the workshop series are targeted at experts from science (including robotics, sociology, design, psychology, computer science and law), industry and professional associations as well as trade unions, welfare associations, occupational health and safety agencies, accident insurers and actors from company practice. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs invited 25 experts to the kick-off event to discuss ways in which artificial and human intelligence can complement each other and synergistic effects can be harnessed.

    This discussion kicks off a series of workshops in which the AI Observatory will be identifying the requirements of human-centric (AI) technology development. The guiding principle is clear: humans should always come first. For this reason, discussion of the form and establishment of human-centric AI is crucial. The aim is to develop principles and rules for designing AI that advances companies and their employees alike.

    The first step is to determine the status quo and analyse requirements. Against the backdrop of human-centric artificial intelligence, the participants will be exploring whether or not working society is prepared for a technology such as AI. What perspectives exist? In further steps, the focus will shift to the stakeholders: how are they preparing for the growing influence of AI on all areas of life, particularly on working society? What approaches do they have for shaping this?

    The aim is to develop practical requirements, rules and instruments to address the rapid technological progress of the coming years.